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I have a bone to pick with Etrade. I think the company has no business morals, and is in general evil. Here's a saga of what went on at E*trade, and below that are links to other sites that have negative reviews of Etrade. My goal is get back the money that I think Etrade ripped off from me, and I plan on doing this by bad mouthing them at every chance I get and to spread the word from one end of the web to the other. Advertising on this site will help with getting my money back and to take away business from Etrade.

Contemplating opening an account with Etrade? Consider that they charge high fees, and they will sell off shares if your fees reach a certain threshhold. I think you can do a lot better with folks like Ameritrade, Charles Schwabb, Scott Trade, Merril Lynch etc.

Much time has passed since opening the brokerage account at Evil e-Trade (e*trade) Evil: (noun)
profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, esp. when regarded as a supernatural force : the world is stalked by relentless evil | good and evil in eternal opposition. a manifestation of this, esp. in people's actions : the evil that took place last Thursday.
something that is harmful or undesirable : sexism, racism, and all other unpleasant social evils.
and our hero purchased stock and promptly forgot about his account.

Not reading the fine print, and thinking that his account would just grow as the stock price increased... our hero just let the etrade account gain value.

The Truth about eTrade
eTrade charges extremely high fees
eTrade has lousy customer service
eTrade has a user unfriendly website
eTrade does not have customer best interest in mind
eTrade is evil
eTrade sucks
eTrade is a ripoff
eTrade is corrupt
eTrade should fail
eTrade is greedy

Until one day he took a look at a statement and found that Evil eTradeevil |ˈēvəl| adjective profoundly immoral and malevolent : his evil deeds | no man is so evil as to be beyond redemption. charged him $40 a quarter for "maintenance fees", and without our hero's knowledge or permission, Evil e*Tradeevil |ˈēvəl| adjective profoundly immoral and malevolent : his evil deeds | no man is so evil as to be beyond redemption. sold some of our hero's stock to pay for their maintence fees.

Our hero saw the transaction and thought his account had been criminally hacked, only it turned out that Evil eTradeevil |ˈēvəl| adjective profoundly immoral and malevolent : his evil deeds | no man is so evil as to be beyond redemption. itself was the criminal.

Attempts to get back his stock were non productive and contact with e*trade was difficult since they don't like to answer the phone and contact via email usually gets a form letter responses.

And in hindsight, opening an evil eTrade account was a big mistake, and our hero can not recommend eTrade for any brokerage or banking needs. In short eTrade is wicked. wicked |ˈwikid| adjective ( -eder, -edest ) eTrade is evil or morally wrong : like a wicked and unscrupulous politician. etrade intended to or capable of harming someone or something : he should be punished for his wicked driving. etrade extremely unpleasant : despite the sun, the wind outside was wicked. etrade mischievous : etrade has a wicked sense of humor. informal excellent; wonderful : Sophie makes wicked cakes. informal [as submodifier ] very; extremely : etrade wickedly evil ETrade is a ripoff rip-off: noun informal a fraud or swindle, esp. something that is grossly overpriced : designer label clothes are just expensive rip-offs.

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